Need a work out?

The Joke Gym is produced by Scott Shimamoto and Paula Johnson and designed to be the best open mic experience possible, for both novices and working professionals.

Join us on the 1st + 3rd Thursdays at Villa Catrina (251 N. Santa Anita Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006)

Here's a map

We start collecting names at 6:30 and run the show from 7 to 9 p.m.

We have approximately 22 spots per show, drawn by lottery. However, we sometimes offer guaranteed spots via our Facebook Page.

We are also on Google+.

The lottery

At 6:30, we start collecting cards. Everyone in the lottery has an equal chance of getting a spot.

Do not submit an intro card for a friend who is parking the car or “on the way.” You will get a spanking.

Sometimes we draw the line-up before the show. Sometimes we do a blind lottery. You just never know.

How much time?

Each comic gets 5 minutes. If the line-up is light, you'll get more time.

Lots of energy, lots of new material, and a 9 pm wrap-up. Feel free to bring your notes, tape recorder and water on stage. You are welcome to video your own set, but do not record anyone else without their permission.

Support our venue

Purchase a drink or food to support our venue. We won’t get bumped for a group of paying customers if we are paying customers. Without a free venue, we have no show.

Work out new material

We call our open mic The Joke Gym for a good reason: it’s a friendly, supportive place to work out new material.

Respect the light

Our big red light goes on (solid red) when you have 1 minute left. It starts flashing when your time is up.