The April in Paris edition in which Arcadia stands in for the City of Light

MC Paula Johnson barely had a chance to finish her fish taco before introducing these comics:

Fernando Rivera
Ty Fance (video above)
Howard Westcott
Ruben Zuniga, Jr.
Chris Kostolefsky
Mike Frankovich
David Romero
Marlon M. Moran
Scott Shimamoto
Steve Bruner
Jason Betrue
Bubba Sanchez
Ray Chavez, Jr.
Jim Kilty
Alan Lebetkin
Joe Luu
Alan Weiss
Danny Morris

The Penalty Box edition

MC Scott Shimamoto welcomed 12 comics to the stage, and one fellow to the new penalty box for no-shows! Art Katcher Steven Moreno Marlon M. Moran Neft Martinez Ruben Zuniga, Jr. Paula Johnson Alfonso Guerrero Raina Martinez Mary Basmadjian Anthony Rodriguez (video above) John Clark Yashar Kafi

The Seven Year Itch Edition

MC Paula Johnson kicked off the start of The Joke Gym’s seventh (!) year by handing out the rest of The Joke Gym fridge magnets and regifting two $20 Uber gift cards. These comics brought the funny: Jim Kilty Mike Frankovich Michael Porco Steven Moreno Ralph Padilla Scott Shimamoto Ray Chavez, Jr.  Eric DeLuca MikeContinue Reading

The 6th Anniversary Edition, Part 2

Scott Shimamoto hosted the second of our two anniversary shows. Who was there? Lots of funny people: Eric DeLuca Jim Kilty Ty Fance David Romero Mike Frankovich Steve Bruner Nora Frost Ralph Padilla Steven Moreno Daniel Berg Todd Basil (video above) Danny Morris Michael Porco Ben

The 6th Anniversary Edition, Part 1

February is The Joke Gym’s anniversary month, so we were all feeling extra festive! MC Paula Johnson welcomed these comedians to the mic: Mary Basmadjian Ralph Padilla Nat Baimel Ty Fance Angel Acosta Scott Shimamoto Mike Frankovich Mario Artiga Shayne Michael Wade Wammer Michael Porco Danny Villalpando (video above) Marlon M. Moran Danny Morris DavidContinue Reading