The cliffhangers edition

MC Paula Johnson ended the evening with a lot of unanswered questions because several comedians ended their sets with cliffhangers. What happened in Palm Springs? What did that guy do when he saw that thing? Why was everyone fixated on bears?  These comedians were responsible for all the suspense:

John Vorhaus
Ruben G.
Steve Bruner
Max Rosenberg
Mike Frankovich
Chrystine Julian
Des Delgadillo
Mario Artiga
Marlon M. Moran
Robin Ryan
Ricky Mac
Scott Shimamoto
Cheryl Hunter
Tracy Tedesco
Todd Basil (video above)
Fernando Rivera
Nick Pelais
Andrew Mercado
Sheppard Blumenthal
Jim Kilty
Katie Dahlson
Yashar Kafi

See you on September 18 with MC Scott Shimamoto.

The Paula is “on vacation” edition

Paula Johnson missed The Joke Gym on August 21 because she took a short vacation…to Napa. After days of shopping, wine tasting and having lots of fun, she was treated to a 6.0 earthquake. MC Scott Shimamoto flew solo and welcomed these performers to The Joke Gym mic: Chris Kostolefsky Max Rosenberg Kate Stark AtifContinue Reading

The New Kids on the Mic edition

MC Paula Johnson had too much fun with these funny folks, including a few people who were brand spanking new to comedy. Sheppard Blumenthal Chris Kostolefsky Eric DeLuca Des Delgadillo (video above) Justin Ballard Mike Frankovich John Vorhaus David Romero Scott Shimamoto Chorizo Lopez Jocelyn Spears Tracy Tedesco Yashar Kafi Jim Kilty Marcus Madera ChristanContinue Reading

The “Everyone Did Great!” edition

MC Scott Shimamoto showed off his calves and his abs before welcoming these comics to The Joke Gym stage: Nat Baimel Ralph Padilla Steven Moreno Shayne Michael Raul Fernandez Marlon M. Moran Michael Porco David Romero Yashar Kafi Jim Kilty Marcus Madera Nick Pelais Max Rosenberg Ray Chavez, Jr. Mike Frankovich Paul Fanning Ben ShepContinue Reading

The Almost Independence Day Edition

Three day weekend? Heck, yeah! MC Paula Johnson welcomed these comedians to the Joke Gym stage: Alan Weiss Max Rosenberg Mary Basmadjian Mario Artiga Steven Moreno Scott Shimamoto Chris Kotsolefsky Marlon M. Moran Pamela Huley Adam Hastings Mark Schumacher (video above) Jim Kilty Fernando Rivera Wyatt Cote Ben Raul Fernandez David Corraliza Yashar Kafi