The “Everyone Did Great!” edition

MC Scott Shimamoto showed off his calves and his abs before welcoming these comics to The Joke Gym stage:

Nat Baimel
Ralph Padilla
Steven Moreno
Shayne Michael
Raul Fernandez
Marlon M. Moran
Michael Porco
David Romero
Yashar Kafi
Jim Kilty
Marcus Madera
Nick Pelais
Max Rosenberg
Ray Chavez, Jr.
Mike Frankovich
Paul Fanning
Shep Blumenthal
Christian Cole (video above)
Raina Martinez

Next open mic is Thursday, August 7.

The Almost Independence Day Edition

Three day weekend? Heck, yeah! MC Paula Johnson welcomed these comedians to the Joke Gym stage: Alan Weiss Max Rosenberg Mary Basmadjian Mario Artiga Steven Moreno Scott Shimamoto Chris Kotsolefsky Marlon M. Moran Pamela Huley Adam Hastings Mark Schumacher (video above) Jim Kilty Fernando Rivera Wyatt Cote Ben Raul Fernandez David Corraliza Yashar Kafi

The “We love Villa Catrina” edition

MC Scott Shimamoto welcomed these comedians to the Joke Gym stage. Okay, it’s a really flat stage—and invisible—but still: Steve Bruner Tom Edwards Max Rosenberg Fernando Rivera Jim Kilty Mike Frankovich Mary Basmadjian Paula Johnson Frankie Pozos Michael Porco Chris Kostolefsky Ray Chavez, Jr. Ricky Mac Yasha Kafi David Romero Nick Pelais Jeremy Leochner BenContinue Reading

The night we supersized it…

The Joke Gym’s new home at Villa Catrina is perfect. We’re in the restaurant’s banquet room which has a comedy-friendly vibe.   Scott Shimamoto brought his pro sound system—and a crazy-bright light he might have swiped from Dodger Stadium.  MC Paula Johnson welcomed these comedians to the new Joke Gym stage: John Clark Nat BaimelContinue Reading

The Joke Gym is moving!

After more than six years at Zapata Vive, The Joke Gym open mic will happen at a new venue beginning Thursday, June 5. First, we need to thank Zapata Vive for allowing The Joke Gym to become a reality. Our years in the back room and, more recently, in the dining room have been soContinue Reading

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